Few from our several social projects

Educate and Empower Her

We sponsor the Educate & Empower project for underprivileged girls from lower socioeconomics strata. The project undertake educational expenses of these girls in the year 2019-2020.

We have established an Orphanage Home of Parental Care for 120 female members on the campus.

We have sponsored the education expenses of 2 girls – Ms Harmandeep Kaur (6 years old) and Ms. Angle (4 years old).

Further, we funded training workshop for technical & professional skills.

Support to Schools in Bengaluru

Situated near Tumkur ( Maidala Village ) about 50 kms from Factory, this Ashram was started in May 1987  with 5 orphan children being adopted by KDDL.

Today, KDDL Watch Hands Division provide education and shelter for 188 children ( 62 girls and 166 boys ) and also provide education and food for children of Migrant labourers. A school van has been allocated also for pick and drop

School Nurturing Programme

Government School of Urdigre

KDDL Watch Hands Division constructed a Toilet in a Government School in Bangalore.

We undertook various measures for maintaining sanitation and hygiene of these toilets.