We are an equal opportunity employer where performance is not only encouraged but constantly monitored through both top management quarterly reviews as well as mid-year reviews of the goals sheets of our executives. We have a robust performance management system where the employee sets his own goals and also appraises himself or herself against the same. We believe that every employee, no matter what their role is, has the ability to significantly impact the organisation and thus at KDDL every employee at KDDL feels valued and appreciated for the work they do!

Chairman's Award

KDDL believes in recognizing skill and passion whether it is in your job or in learning something new and sharing it with others. We have the citation, commendation and Eklavya awards given annually as part of our Chairman’s awards for Excellence. Apart from the above mentioned awards, there are several unit level awards as well.

Outbound trainings and other events

One of KDDL value is team work and we try to foster it through motivational training programs, outbound adventure activities as well as shared events. While each individual unit has it’s own HR team and training, there are certain corporate activities which serve as a platform to bring people across units together. These activities are planned for all employees across all levels.